Consulting services N°006/2020/DRHMG/YK

Fonds Koweïtien
  1. The Ministry of Energy and Water through SOMAPEP-SA issues this Call for Expressions of Interest, to carry out the following services “Pre-Project Summary Studies (APS, SDAEP Bamako review), Detailed Preliminary Design (APD), preparation of bidding documents, participation in the process of awarding contracts, control and supervision of the works for storage and distribution network in the District of Bamako and surrounding areas
  2. The objective of the project is to support the Government of Mali’s efforts to increase access to sustainable drinking water services in and around Bamako.
  3. The services that are the subject of this call for interest concern the Project Management Services for the implementation of the following works in the District of Bamako and in the surrounding areas:
  4. The 2000 m3 water tower in Badalabougou;
  5. Extension of ground tanks -10 000 m3 (2 x 5000 m3) in Badalabougou;
  6. Primary, secondary and tertiary distribution network.

Services include:

  1. Implementation of detailed technical studies (APS, APD, EIES – PGES, DAO) ;
  2. Assistance in the analysis of tenders and in the development of work contracts;
  3. Control and supervision of works;
  4. Assistance in approval activities (provisional and final) and the drafting of the final report and removal of reservations.
  5. The Ministry of Energy and Water through delegation of Société Malienne de Patrimoine de l’Eau Potable invites consulting firms (« Consultants ») to express their interest in providing the services described above (the nature of consultant’s activities and the number of years of experience, the qualifications of the consultant in the field of services and in particular the references concerning the performance of similar contracts, the technical and managerial organization of the consultant, firm, the general qualifications and the number of professional staff). Interested consultants must provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and experience relevant to the performance of the Services. Criteria for establishing the shortlist are:
Criteria Weighted Score for criteria
Nature of the consultant’s activities and relationship with the field of services Consulting Engineer in AEP projects [05]
Number of years of experience in detailed study and supervision in the field 10 years ___________________________5pts (1 pts for each additional year) [10]
Consultant qualification in the field of services 3 Assistance and study missions for APD and EIES – PGES (1000 m3 tank, distribution network 50Km (DN 400 to 150 mm), primary pipes 10km in DN 700 to 500 mm, pumping station 300 m3 / h)__________________________________________30pts 2 Supervision missions for an AEP project (2000 m3 tank, 100 Km distribution network (DN 300 to 150 mm) in urban areas, primary pipes 10km in DN  700 to 500 mm, pumping station 500 m3/h)___________________________________________10pts [40]  
Technical and managerial organization of the consultant Organization (organizational chart________________________________________5pts Material resources ___________________________________________________5pts [10]
General qualifications and number of professional staff Human resources (Profile, level of education, experience)_______________5pts per expert. [35]
TOTAL [100]
  • The procedure of this call for interest will be conducted pursuant to Guidelines for Procurement of Consultant Services Funded by a Loan or Kuwaiti Fund Cash Advance.A shortlist of six (6) to eight (8) applicants, who best demonstrate the skills required to perform the services, will be drawn up at the end of the call for expressions of interest. To be a candidate, the consultants must unite in a group of Kuwaiti and Malian consultancies. These short-listed applicants will then be invited to submit their technical and financial proposals on the basis of the request for proposals that will be submitted to them for the completion of the required services; a consultant will be selected according to the quality and cost method.
  • The group of offices formed must have a minimum score of 70 out of 100, otherwise, it will be eliminated from the rest of the process.
  • The language of submission of the files is French, the number of copies of each call for interest will be one (1) original plus 2 copies in hard copy and the electronic version (PDF format) saved on USB STICK.
  • Consultants can partner with other firms to strengthen their respective skills in the form of a solidarity group or a subcontractor agreement.
  • Interested Consultants may get additional information from 08:00 a.m to 04:00 p.m local time, to the address below:

Mr. Aly KONE, Kabala Project Coordinator 2,

  1. Written calls for interest must be submitted to the address below no later than 17/11/2020 at 10 am GMT, with the mention “ Calls for Interest for Consultants Services for implementing: detailed technical studies (APS, APD, EIES – PGES et DAO), participation in the process of awarding contracts, control, storage supervision and distribution activities in the district of Bamako and surrounding areas”.

Société Malienne de Patrimoine de l’Eau Potable (SOMAPEP-SA)

Address: Magnambougou Faso Kanu, City: Bamako, Postal code: 1528 Bamako, Country: Mali

Phone number: +223 20 22 00 26; Fax number: +223 20 22 02 00

Office: Secretariat of the Deputy Director General located on the 1st floor of the main building

Note: Electronic applications are not allowed.

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Parution : 02/10/2020

Clôture : 17/11/2020

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